Until our kitchen can open, we will be having local food trucks and chefs here to feed you!

9/21 WOLO Food Truck
9/22 Jimmy's Seafood 2-8pm
9/23 Ravens vs Broncos home game! Snake Hill sausages!!

9/28 German food from the famous Chef Desantis & Oktoberfest beer release!
9/29 WOLO Food Truck
9/30 Bacon and Scottish eggs!

10/5 Taste of Aloha 4-8pm
10/6 Little India Cafe 2-8pm

10/8 Bistro Lunch Box 5-8pm
10/9 Mexican on the Run
10/10 Bacon and Scottish eggs!

10/17 Homebrew Extravaganza and Mexican on the Run
10/19 Taste of Aloha 4-8pm
10/21 Ravens vs Saints! Bacon and Scottish eggs!

10/26 Mexican on the Run
10/28 Bistro Lunch Box


Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar Cheese Plate (PA)
Der Alpen Kase Cheese Plate (PA)
Utz Chips (MD)


$ Coming soon…

It’ll probably have delicious Checkerspot beer in it!

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