Until our kitchen can open, we will be having local food trucks and chefs here to feed you!

3/23 SoBo Cafe 3-8pm
3/24 Brats & Pretzels 12-5pm

3/30 Captain Larry's Crabcake Special

4/4 Bottoms Up Bagels for Opening Day! 11-3pm

4/17 Bottoms Up Bagels Sunday Brunch

โ€ข SNACKS โ€ข

$8 Amish Cheese

Pick from 3 Amish cheeses – Sharp Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar and Alpen Kase. Served with crackers.

$5 Pickles

Pickles made with beer.

$8 Beef Jerky

The best beef jerky you’ve ever had! Made with beer too:)


$ Coming soon…

It’ll probably have delicious Checkerspot beer in it!

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